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  • Yemanjá Restaurant, open 365 days a year.

    Last December 31st, drawing on those 20 degrees and the sun that Ibiza gets on many winter days, with some friends, I decided to go and eat at the well-known known and reputed restaurant Yemanja on Cala Jondal beach. This gorgeous weather allowed us to enjoy a meal, a few meters from the sea and with stunning views of those cliffs, the sky and the sea.

    Cala Jondal has changed a lot in recent years. I remember as a child I sometimes decided to go looking for the tranquillity offered. There was no-one around. Being a beach that was full of stones, with a lot of algae that accumulated on its shore and also used quite the wind blowing,

    It was not a very popular beach. Of course this has changed and today it is one of the island’s hot spots. Here we find some of the coolest and most atmospheric Beach Clubs, like the Blue Marlin, good music and relaxation.

    It is now home to Yemanjá restaurant.

    The first thing we find is that the tables are on the sand itself by the ocean. Almost playing. Some customers even bathed in the sea between courses. Creating even more atmosphere!

    Lots of atmosphere and lots of beautiful people. Glamorous, where bottles of champagne and cava sangria is free-flowing, is very popular with diners. We opted for a shared entrées, a salad of chicken livers and marine mussels. But what is really worth visiting Yemanja for is the rice. We ordered a paella and I can say that it was exceptional.

    In Ibiza because of the wide variety of restaurants serving rice debate always arises: what is the best paella in Ibiza?. The paella served at Yemanjá is among them. Undoubtedly, with its fresh fish and red prawn.

    In terms of the service, the decoration of the tables is simple, unpretentious. Most of the staff are friendly with no great feats of professionalism in catering. Its owner is “Guillamí” with his family, an Ibizan man who keeps these gifts alive, from the tables, greeting guests and worrying that everything is perfect. This really is appreciated and remember it is open throughout the year, 365 days.

    Finally, it is not cheap but certainly one of the best options to enjoy Ibizan cuisine and seafood in a unique setting. With good wine and cava it cost around 50.00 € per person.


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