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  • Santa Gertrudis, a very interesting village

    Many times we ask ourselves what is it with this village to have successfully become through the years a must for the tourists and visitors of the island of Ibiza. It’s a perfect place to spend the afternoon or evening at one of its many terrace cafes, taking a walk through its streets, going shopping, visiting its lovely church and have a lovely meal, snack or dinner. Many choices and lots of atmosphere!

    It’s a typical Ibicenco interior village. Very friendly. Located in the heart of the island of Ibiza. Just between Ibiza town, San Miguel, San Lorenzo and San Mateo.

    Very interesting atmosphere. You can sense a bohemian touch in every corner. You can tell that from the beginning of tourism in Ibiza, about 50 years ago, Santa Gertrudis has been a meeting point of all kinds of artists, such as painters, musicians, sculptors, etc. And even today, in its bars, restaurants and other businesses, art is everywhere. Walls filled of excellent paintings (in some cases, like in the famous Bar Costa, they say that many of the paintings are from hippy artists that exchanged them for a meal). As well, there are many other businesses related somehow with art, fashion, design and antiques, such as Can Daifa, Es Cucons, Origins…

    In the heart of the village you’ll find the main plaza, where its whitewashed walls church is and was founded in 1797. The village centre has been deeply refurbished and now its closed to traffic, being exclusively for pedestrians and making its terraces and pleasant gatherings much more calm and peaceful.

    Santa Gertrudis has many different bars, terrace cafes, restaurants, shops… One of the most popular and famous is “Bar Costa”,  right in the church plaza, who hasn’t heard about its delicious spanish ham baguettes? As well, a very interesting one is “Casi Todo”, a bar and art and antiques gallery (where twice a month they host auctions -in Spanish and English- where you can get any kind of valuable objects, furniture, paintings, works of art and many different antiques). Highly recommended. Another nice option is “Es Cantó” where you can get all kinds of traditional Ibicenco dishes. Also we recommend “La Plaza”, “Como”, “Bacchus” and a new place, “Destino II”, a tapas bar.

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