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  • Ibizan olive oil, an intense flavour

    On the island of Ibiza, olive oil has been made with traditional methods for hundreds of years. There are very old oil mills throughout the island and olive trees scattered among carob and almond trees, which clearly indicates the importance this production had in those years, basically oriented to the needs of the local domestic market.

    The most common olive varieties in Ibiza are “empeltre” (a traditional variety, also known as Ibizan), arbequina and picual. The empeltre and arbequina give fruity oils that, with some picual, increase their shelf life. The “picual” gives oils with a stronger taste than virgin oil.

    The mark “Oli d’Eivissa” is the guarantee that all those producers making olive oil in Ibiza have passed the highest quality controls. Identifies the guarantee of extra virgin olive oil, produced and obtained exclusively from olives grown on the island of Ibiza.

    Let’s look at the producers and brands of olive oil of the highest quality in Ibiza.

    “Oliada” label of the Agrupación de Defensa Vegetal y Sanitaria del Olivar de Ibiza, mixes different oils, from the same producer partners. Extra virgin olive oil from arequina, picual and empeltre, which results in a high quality oil with an intense fruity, bitter and pungent flavour.

    “Can Miquel Guasch”, oil obtained exclusively from olive juice produced on the farm, picual and arbequina varieties, crushed within 2 or 3 hours after harvest, thanks to their own mill. In Santa Eulalia.

    “Joan Benet”, extra virgin olive oil obtained directly from olives (90% arbequina and picual 10%) only existin planting on the Can Benet farm. They also have their own mill. In San José.

    “Can Rich”, which has two olive oils, extra virgin organic, picual and arbequina, from the Can Laudis and Can Rich farms. And the extra virgin using arbequina and picual from the Can Mayans and Can Maymo farms.

    “Es Plà de n’Ortiz”, picual, Seville and empeltre (Ibizan) varieties. Fruity with aromas of apple, herbs, with a deep green colour and a bitter and slightly spicy bouquet.

    “Can Garrovers”, varieties arbequina, picual, villalonga and empeltre Ibizan, balanced fruity medium ripe oil with an acidity of 0.18%. From the farm located in the area of Amunts.

    “Balanzat”, produced with picual and arbequina varieties. Gives a medium fruity olive green olive and a soft balance between bitter, sweet and spicy. With a slightly astringent notes and an aromatic touch associated with almonds, mint and walnuts. Sant Jordi area.

    “Can Nefra”, made with the arbequina variety. The olive harvest is done manually, its cold processing, within 1 hours of harvest. Sant Mateu area.

    “Can Domo” Extra Virgin Olive Oil, from the arbequina variety, with an intense fruity after-taste. Santa Eulalia area.

    Excellent Ibizan olive oils! You can find more information on the website,

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