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  • Ibiza beats to the rhythm of the night

    Ibiza’s night-life is famous worldwide for its events, parties and nightclubs. The island can boast of being one of the best places to enjoy night-life and live experiences, without stopping to dance the night away to the rhythm of the best dance music.

    Every evening, a large crowd of people, enjoy the sunset at the beach front bars especially in the area of Ses Variades fr Sant Antoni, which by dint of chill-out, funky and fusions of the best DJs enjoy the evening. It is the favourite place for clubs to present their events and parties

    It’s time for the first drink, which tends to focus on local bars and trendy areas like the La Marina neighbourhood, the Plaza del Parque and Marina Botafoch where everyone who wants to watch or be seen has a place in the front row.

    And then it’s time to go to the temples of music, where the greatest DJs perform. In Ibiza there are big clubs with more than 30 different parties and events each week Not to mention the beach clubs, trendy bars and lounge bar that often have their own programme of holiday fun and interesting events. So the night-life in Ibiza is open toanyone who wants to have fun.

    Pacha Ibiza
    A real institution on the island. It may not be the oldest, the biggest or even the most exotic, but Pacha is certainly the most authentic, the most charismatic, the purest of all. With five different musical environments interlaced by stairs, doors and “secret” passages.

    House and funky music

    Special DJs Roger Sanchez and David Guetta

    This is the first outdoor club in Ibiza and the founder of the Balearic style. Very few of the clubs have the history, charisma and relevance of Amnesia. The club has one of the most spectacular sound systems in the world, coupled with renewed lighting.

    Techno music

    Special DJs Pete Tong, Armi Van Buuren

    Space Ibiza
    Space Ibiza, True to its reputation, since 1989 has been considered the world’s most decorated club. It has 6 areas. Outside on the Sunset Terrace, a more relaxed atmosphere, the Flight Terrace, low-flying aircraft. and Premiere Etage, another outdoor area. Inside you can enjoy the Red Box, the main room, with a great atmosphere and spectacular lighting where the art of sound reaches a maximum. The old Terrace, now covered, and Hall, a much darker and underground environment.

    Dance and techno music

    Special DJs Carl Cox, Steve Lawler and Wally López

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