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  • Celebretions of Sant Bartolome 2013

    And the 2013 Sant Bartomeu fiestas are already here. And therefore at Sant Antoni de Portmany town they’ll offer us many different alluring shows and interesting activities during the month and a half that the celebrations last. Such as live music and dance shows, sports competitions, cultural and folkloric activities, brotherhood meetings, fireworks and many other interesting and varied activities.

    Legend says that some August 24th some sailormen who were about to be shipwrecked made it alive to the coast of San Antonio (Sant Antoni de Portmany). During a storm at sea they vowed that if they survived they’d celebrate a party at the first place they’d arrive. And so they did… And the San Antonio residents keep celebrating every year Sant Bartomeu until nowadays.


    We attach the official 2013 Sant Bartomeu fiestas programme. This year, as the programme explains, is dedicated to the traditional games. So that we can all get to know the traditions and games that amused our parents and grandparents. And during these days we will all have many chances to practice them.

    We can highlight August 24th as the big day. At 7.30 pm Mass in the parish church followed by the procession in honor of the patron saint through the streets of town. And at midnight great fireworks from Sa Punta des Molí that will illuminate the whole San Antonio Bay.

    And of course the each time more popular Carthaginians and Romans ambiance tomato battle won’t be missing, already in its ninth edition. Saturday September 7th from 6 pm. First the concentration and army parade, then the landings and peace treaty between them, and at 8 pm the tomato battle.

    Very interesting activities for all tastes. With no doubt, one more year, we’ll have lots of fun… All the information attached in the fiestas programme.

    From Orosol hotel we congratulate all of San Antonio residents. Long live Sant Bartomeu!

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