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  • Adlib Fashion Runway 2013

    This will be held in Sant Antoni de Portmany in 2013. This edition of the famous and now legendary Adlib Fashion Runway 2013 will take place on 6th June in San Antonio. It remains to determine the specific location but what is clear is that you will have the sea as a backdrop.

    Since the organizers want to give this issue a strong sailor theme. This time the runway will have the theme “Aires de Gregal“.

    The concept of “Moda Adlib” has a long tradition and a major industrial, economic, and touris attraction force in Ibiza. Adlib is a fashion style working natural fabrics, traditional embroidery and lace. It was created in 1971 and inspired by the typical garb of the Balearic Islands and directly influenced by the hippie movement. It was driven by Yugoslavian princess Smilja Mihailovitch for women to be more aware of their own bodies and dress with more freedom, comfort and elegance. Its motto: “Dress how you want, but with style”. Ibizan look.

    Adlib is a traditional fashion in which the protagonist is white, and the use of natural and light fabrics, embroidery, crochet, ruffles and traditional lace is key. All this to make garments with volume to accompany natural body movement.

    The Adlib Fashion Runway has become one of the unmissable events on the fashion circuit. Many international designers who admire and have been seduced by this Adlib or Ibizan Fashion (from the Latin term ad libitum, “to freedom” in English), with light fabrics and white as a star colour. This is a trend that has come down to us created with assumptions such as simplicity and delicacy.

    It is confirmed that for this year the number of designers participating in this event will be similar to last year and, in any case, “it is hoped that no less than fourteen”, including “lifetimers” such as Tanit Jeans, Charo Ruiz, Toni Bonet, Juanita Diaz, Luis Ferrer or Piluca Bayarri.

    Long live Adlib fashion!


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