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  • 5 most photographed places on the island of Ibiza

    For all it’s known the many unique and wonderful places that the island of Ibiza offers its visitors. Ideal spots to capture and immortalize through photography. So we thought it would be interesting to bring to you through our blog the 5 most photographed places of the lovely island of Ibiza.

    1. Let’s start with the old city of Ibiza, Dalt Vila. Located on the top of a hill, surrounded by great Renaissance walls. Declared World Heritage site in 1999 for being the best preserved Mediterranean coastal fortress. A photograph as typical as amazing, from countless angles such as from the beach of Talamanca, from Marina Botafoch, from “La Marina” (old fishermen’s neighbourhood), from the sea, from the hills of the outskirts of the city… All of them fantastic spots for shooting pictures. Plus, there’s two options, by day and by night, both unforgettable.

    2. Sunset at Ses Variades. Who’s been to Ibiza and hasn’t taken pictures of the incredible sunsets at Ses Variades area in San Antonio?

    During the summer season it’s one of the most attractive places in Ibiza. Both, for its many terrace cafés and good ambience, as well as for its amazing sunsets. A must.

    3. Es Vedrà island. Just by looking at it it traps you. Always producing colossal sensations, of vastness, of depth… In addition, Es Vedrà is usually related with beyond Earth issues. They tell thousands of stories, legends and testimonies of mysterious and magical nature related to it.

    A wonderful picture both, from the seashore of Cala d’Hort beach as well as from the viewpoint of Torre des Savinar (also known as Torre del Pirata – in English, “The Pirate Tower”).

    4. Cala Conta Beach (Platges de Compte). And what about one of the most beautiful beaches in Ibiza and in the Mediterranean. Actually the beach is composed of three coves united by a magnificent natural central viewpoint. Perfect for photography lovers. Also, can’t miss its incredible sunsets. A must.

    5. Ibizan Paella. Until now we’ve only spoke about unique and special places. About wonderful pictures. But to finish our list of the most photographed things on the island of Ibiza, we couldn’t forget of the Ibizan Paella. Who hasn’t enjoyed this delicious dish in one of the many fabulous restaurants and beach bars on the island of Ibiza?

    Be happy and see you next week with more interesting ideas and suggestions from San Antonio, Ibiza.

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